About us

We own the process end to end.

We help operators track real time analytics and benefit from insights pertaining to procurement.
Digital trail to optimize the process between suppliers and restaurants thus saving money, reducing waste and enhancing predictability.

Our story

Our goal is to provide restaurants with a reliable single source of supply through a cloud based solution.

The Middle East is one of the world’s fastest-growing and highest-margin F&B markets, yet parts of the ecosystem remain manual, leading its supply chain and procurement to become inefficient, unsustainable and prone to error.

We are a company founded in January 2022 with the mission of optimizing the supply chain of Egypt's rapidly growing F&B sector through the provision of a comprehensive digital solution that bridges the gap between restaurant operators and their suppliers in order to disrupt an untouched market with extreme fragmentation and resolve the problem end-to-end.

What we confirmed?

A game-changing solution is being introduced that will benefit the entire industry.

What we learned?

Potential for growth ahead to help more operators, which requires being two steps ahead.

What we received?

Recognized for hassle-free fulfillment, improved ordering process, and cost-saving opportunities.

Our team

Small team. Big hearts.

Our focus is always on finding the best people to work with. Our bar is high, but you look ready to take on the challenge.
Gohar Said
Co-founder & CEO
Karim Selima
Co-founder & CPO
Ahmed ElMahdy
Co-founder & COO
Interested in joining our team?

Hit us up and we'll get in touch with you.

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