We are not limited to any number of submittals. We review any type and size of submittals professionally and deliver within a quick time frame to hasten your construction development. We are client friendly and work closely with you and with the construction engineers have experience working in the top engineering consultants in Dubai, top engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi and top engineering consultants in Sharjah to give quick response on any submittal.

Don’t go through the stress of analyzing the skills of freelancers or agencies by yourself, hire us today and save yourself the stress of interviewing and testing. We deal with professionals and would handle this in a professional manner. We ensure that each level and aspect of the project is reviewed, and all requirements are delivered, before published. You think the project delivery and achieving the requirements might be cumbersome and time-consuming? No That’s why we are SUPLYD are just a click away to help you build your project and deliver within a short period. However, we make use of modern software products plus our human skilled professionals to greatly simplify and improve the efficiency.

We ensure that we review the submittal for compliance to meet the requirement in the construction documents. We notify you whenever revisions may be required/noted on the submittals. Colors and other selection items will be reviewed. Sometimes we reject the entire submittal if they are not up to standard for a better service and not to endanger your construction in the future, and other times, we request resubmittal of some or all of the documents for proper review. We will also make corrections, which normally do not need to be resubmitted, and might not be needed to be applied to the product.

While we review the submittals for performance and design intent, we also review the product for preparation, quantity and installation requirements. We manage the submittal process just like any other process in the construction cycle.

We ensure careful planning and review that the products are ordered and delivered within the construction schedule, so as not to delay any activities in the process of your construction period.

We concentrate on social media service managed by Suplyd. That’s what they recommended to us given the conditions of our niche. Great service so far.


The moment my products were published on the website, they have boosted my sales from the next week.


My client is very demanding and seriously i cannot plan my resources. I came to know about SUPLYD from a friend and my experience was fantastic. We are negotiating a longer term contract.


Review of Engineering Submittals

We review any engineering submittal, no matter the size and how technical it may be, we deliver within a rapid time frame so as not to hinder your construction process. We know that the review of submittals requires a meticulous process, that’s why you can count on us, we will review the submittals with promptness as to cause no delay in the Works or the activities during construction. We will assist you in the review process and help you succeed in your project(s).
We ensure that we coordinate against all delivery requirements. We would provide you with the reviewed copies of the submittals when considered. We ensure that each submittal returned identifies the applicable specification section number, and sub-section numbers, individual submittal number and title, and the submittal review status i.e., reviewed, reviewed with annotation, or revise and resubmit.
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Shop Drawings Review by SUPLYD
Digital Marketing By SUPLYD

Digital Marketing Solutions

As the best digital marketing agency that has been providing SEO and Digital Marketing Services for years, you can trust that we know what it takes to do it well. Marketing has evolved from what it used to be. To stay relevant in your industry today, you need to synchronize your marketing strategies with latest developments in the digital world. Over time, we have branched out from project management into becoming a full service digital marketing agency with everything it takes to get our clients a spot in their market.

Providing digital marketing solutions that connect with your customers to achieve your company goals.

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Property Valuation

Property valuation is a very crucial process in which the economic value of any real estate is estimated by using practically applicable valuation approach. In this materialistic world, the cost, value, and price of any building or any property change every day. So the process of property valuation gains integral and catastrophic importance in the real estate market.

At SUPLYD, we corporate with the best property valuation experts and aim to provide affordable, flexible, and reliable valuation solutions. Our experts are endeavoring hard to interlink the extensive experience and expertise with the data-driven and solution-orientated methodologies to prepare the accurate valuation reports for the client’s assets. 

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Property Valuation Services
Financial Services At SUPLYD

Financial Services

At SUPLYD, we have a vast range of solutions to your financial problems. We hire the best, dedicated, and customer-orientated professionals to conduct the feasibility study, taxconsultant, and financial statement analysis and services for liquidation of companies in a cost-effective and time-bound manner to help the high growth.

Our solutions stand one step ahead of our competitors to boost the entrepreneurial organizations and their active leaders to achieve the highest business growth and economic vivacity.

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Preparation of Engineering Submittals

At SUPLYD, we have the cutting-edge approach, innovative techniques, and best practices, and above all, we work with a team of qualified engineers to prepare submittals in a time-bound, cost-effective, and professional manner. Our tactics to communicate with our clients safeguards their interests. We only work with engineers experienced working in industry-leading contractors and sub contractors. Our professional structures facilitate us to deliver value-adding submittals at very competitive costs to our clients across numerous industries. Our vision to exude professional excellence and innovation is winning the trust and cultivating smiles. Our dream is to be the favored partner to all organizations in shaping the best engineering submittals and presenting SUPLYD as a credible resource to prepare the engineering submittals.

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