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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

As you may notice, SUPLYD have started offering web hosting for companies for 99 AED (26.5 USD) per year only. This plan allows companies to host their websites on SUPLYD servers and enjoy the following:

1. Security

2. Reliability 99.999% up time

3. Readily installed wordpress. No need to go through the server setup or configuration etc.

4. Free Secure Socket Layer and Free Cache With Firewall

5. The most important thing is the Cloud hosting. You worn’t get a shared server like others offer for even a higher price than SUPLYD.

SUPLYD developers will take care of any technical issue that might raise and will deal with it in a timely manner. However, you must agree to SUPLYD terms of use.

To subscribe to this service you can simply following this link.

SUPLYD have also started offering email hosting for your company’s domain name. Detailed information about the service is available here.

SUPLYD intends to streamline the digital presence for the entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on their inventory / business.

SUPLYD core business is marketing which can be found here in detail.

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