Shop Drawings Review by Professional Experienced Engineers

Shop drawings

We review any shop drawing, no matter the size and how technical it may be, we deliver within a rapid time frame so as not to hinder your construction progress. We know that the review of a shop drawing requires a meticulous process, that’s why you can count on us, we will review the submittals with promptness as to cause no delay in the Works or the activities during construction. We will assist you in the review process and help you succeed in your project(s).

We ensure that we coordinate against all delivery requirements. We would provide you with the reviewed copies of the shop drawings when considered. We ensure that each shop drawing returned identifies the applicable specification section number, and sub-section numbers, individual shop drawing number and title, and the shop drawing review status i.e., reviewed, reviewed with annotation, or revise and resubmit.

We would review all shop drawings thoroughly to determine the accuracy and completeness of other details such as dimensions and quantities, substantiating instructions for installation, the performance of equipment, systems.

We believe that the review of shop drawings is a “confirmation that the Fabricator has correctly interpreted the Contract documents in the preparation of the submittals…” That’s why you can back on us in reviewing all your shop drawings, our goal in helping you evaluate your shop drawings to check for conformity with the design as expressed in the contract documents.

The primary way to ensure this is to outsource the review of your shop drawings to professional engineers who have experience working in the top engineering consultants, that we deal with. We provide that we review the shop drawings professionally and make sure that the contractor understands your project requirements and has applied them to the shop drawings in a transparent way. We would help compare the erection plans with the structural framing plans, evaluating member sizes, building grid labels and dimensions, and top of steel elevations. We review the fieldwork details and compare them to the design drawings.

We review and ensure that all shop drawings comply with plans and specifications.

Our aims and goals are to provide a proper review of your submittals, not just identifying problems. A proposed contract change issued during our shop drawings review, accompanied by an explanation, is bound to be less painful than blaming one another when the system does not work as intended.

We ensure that each shop drawing must identify the part of the building to which it pertains. Our skilled engineers are responsible for approving the shop drawings and making sure the materials selected to comply with the requirements laid out in the construction documents and meet the use and performance needs of the design. We review the submittals and make any comments or request changes. Each of our skilled engineers reviews the shop drawings for compliance with the construction documents and the quantity and installation requirements.

We review any notes on the erection drawings as they relate to the drawing notes and project specifications. Upload a copy of the design drawings along with the shop drawings received from the contractor, and we will start reviewing. Attach RFIs where applicable and any information you think available.

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